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We spotted this little guy in a tree in the yard when we were out playing one day. There are lizards everywhere on the island, in fact, we often find little ones in the house & have to chase them out.




Hello everyone, just wanted to make a quick announcement that I will no longer be booking photography sessions at this time. 

My husband will be going back to school in the fall to further his education and pursue an international medical degree. The first sixteen months of his schooling will be done in the Caribbean and as you can imagine, there is a lot to get ready to make a move like this with our little family of six. I’m taking the time away to focus on getting packed up and ready to go.

I will be keeping the blog up and filling it with photos of our little adventure and  I still have a few sessions to finish up before I am completely done so keep stopping by.

Thank you to everyone who has taken the time to leave a kind comment about my work and to all my photography clients who have trusted me with their precious memories through the years…I appreciate all support so much. 



merry christmas


coming soon



So excited about this project and can’t wait to share more details with you!